New UAE App Offers Users Mental Health Services

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 01 May 2024
New UAE App Offers Users Mental Health Services

Viktorija Aksinova and Ahmed Al Mosa, two Abu Dhabi residents, have developed an app to make mental health services accessible to UAE residents, 'MindTales' – part of Abu Dhabi's Hub71 ecosystem.

The app offers a variety of self-help tools to improve their mental wellbeing on the go, with the option of personalised counselling. Users can track their mood, manage negative thoughts and see their own progress over time. 

Users can also choose from a selection of licensed counsellors and psychologists for a digital one-on-one session. The app can be accessed in Arabic, English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

"Due to a global lack of access to therapy and counselling, 70 per cent of people with mental health issues do not receive the help and care they require. The need for support increased rapidly during the pandemic, which reflected in the high demand for the services and tools that our MindTales application offers," said Aksionova, CEO, MindTales, UAE.

"Mental health and wellbeing play such an important role in someone's health. It is and remains a global issue but is especially prominent in the Mena region. With the help of technology, we can overcome this, and we have created a much-needed full stack solution through MindTales." Al Mosa said.

More details can be found on official website www.mindtales.me

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