Oman Secures UNESCO Recognition for Jibreen Fort and Poet Bin Raziq

  • Publish date: Friday، 10 November 2023
Oman Secures UNESCO Recognition for Jibreen Fort and Poet Bin Raziq

Oman recently marked a significant milestone at the 42nd session of the UNESCO General Conference, successfully including two new cultural elements in UNESCO's program commemorating influential historical events and figures. The additions honor the 350th anniversary of Jibreen Fort's establishment and the 150th anniversary of the eminent historian and poet, Humaid bin Muhammad bin Raziq.

UNESCO's recognition of Jibreen Fort as an important historical event pays tribute to its establishment in 1675 during the reign of Imam Belarab bin Sultan al Yarubi. The fort stands as a remarkable architectural masterpiece of the seventeenth century, serving as a rural residence for the Imam and a hub for academic pursuits. It functioned as a center for various disciplines, fostering studies in jurisprudence, law, literature, astronomy, and more.

Similarly, historian and poet Humaid bin Muhammad bin Raziq made substantial contributions by documenting Oman's history and the influence of European powers in the Indian Ocean and Arab region.

This momentous achievement in Oman's UNESCO contributions adds to the nation's growing representation in the international program, highlighting the cultural and historical significance of Omani figures and landmarks. In celebration, Oman's National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science designates February 10 as a day to honor influential Omani figures included in UNESCO's list, aiming to promote and showcase their impactful legacies locally and globally.

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