The Royal Hospital in Oman Successfully Completes a Rare Lung Surgery

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 13 June 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
The Royal Hospital in Oman Successfully Completes a Rare Lung Surgery

A unique procedure to remove a patient's right lung and a portion of the trachea was successfully completed by a surgical team at the Royal Hospital in Oman. This was a remarkable accomplishment globally and the first procedure of its type in Oman.

A malignant tumor was found in the patient's trachea and major bronchi of the right lung, and an operation was performed on it.

Additional tests were carried out to make sure the cancer had not spread after the CT scan and bronchoscopy that confirmed the diagnosis. A patient's ability to survive with just one lung was tested using lung function testing.

The removal of the lung is a critical surgical surgery, according to Dr. Aziza bint Nasser al Rawahiyya, a consultant upper gastrointestinal and thoracic surgeon at the Royal Hospital. The trachea restoration procedure is a delicate, challenging, and unusual surgery that took over nine hours to complete.

Dr. Aziza said that the patient is currently in good health as a result of the procedure and subsequent care, and no issues were noticed when the patient was discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Aziza stated that while there is a 50% chance of risks and complications with this type of operation and anesthesia, the mortality rate is only 6%. Accordingly, the thoracic surgery team took great efforts to guarantee a successful procedure, the patient's safety, and a quick and painless recovery.

“The success was achieved through close collaboration among the surgical, radiology, anaesthesiology, and nursing teams at the Royal Hospital,” Dr. Aziza said.

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