EA Launches 'No to Plastic' Campaign in Oman's Wusta Governorate

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 03 October 2023 Last update: Friday، 13 October 2023
EA Launches 'No to Plastic' Campaign in Oman's Wusta Governorate

Environment Authority (EA) has kicked off its 'No to Plastic' initiative in Oman's Wusta Governorate, aiming to inform the public about the harm plastics, especially disposable plastic bags, can cause to the environment.

The campaign also seeks to endorse more earth-friendly substitutes.

No to Plastic Campaign

A representative from EA elaborated on the group's ongoing endeavors to lessen plastic consumption.

They said, “Following administrative decision No 61/2021, EA set up a dedicated team.

Their main objective is to create guidelines to curb the use of thin plastic shopping bags.

This group focuses on tackling issues arising from the widespread use of bags less than 50µm thick.”

This movement is consistent with EA's earlier restriction, effective since January 1, 2021, on using these thin single-use plastic bags.

Ministry of Commerce

Taking the mission a step further, H E Qais Mohammed al Yousef, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion, has banned plastic bag importation.

This ban occurred last January 1, 2023, per Ministerial Decision No 519/2022.

Such combined efforts from different sectors showcase a countrywide dedication to reducing plastic use and its harmful effects on the environment.

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