The First Harley-Davidson Bike Rental Store Opens in Qatar

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022
The First Harley-Davidson Bike Rental Store Opens in Qatar

Mr. Yousef Al-Mohannadi inaugurated the Speedster Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental company, which is the first local company working in the rental of this type of bike, which is located in Ezdan Oasis in the Al-Mashaf region, in the presence of a large group of active figures in the field of motorcycles, led by Mr. Ibrahim Al-Haydos Director of Qatar Motorcycle Center, Mr. Ayman Anwar Muhammad Ali, Director of Harley-Davidson Agency Doha, and Mr. Ashraf Qaddoumi, President of the Harley Owners Association Qatar, in addition to many interested and users of this type of bikes.

On this occasion, Mr. Yousef Al-Mohannadi, owner of the Speedster Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental company, which is the first company in Doha to rent Harley-Davidson bikes, said that the aim behind launching this project is to finance the market and cover the local demand for this type of bikes, especially in the absence of companies that act in this field, indicating the company's endeavor during the next stage to provide the finest services related to the rental of Harley-Davidson bikes to the Qatari community, and to enable young people to enjoy the leadership of this type of bikes by renting them from the company and getting to know them closely, allowing them to try the bikes before making the purchase step. Especially since the company owns various Harley-Davidson classes, stressing the company's readiness to move gradually towards increasing the number of its bikes in the coming period, depending on the volume of orders it will receive in the coming months.

Regarding the bicycle rental allowance, Al-Mohannadi confirmed that it will be in line with the financial capabilities of all segments, as it will range between 700 and 900 Qatari riyals per day, which is a very acceptable value if we know that the bicycles concerned with rental are one of the latest releases of the prestigious Harley-Davidson company in this sector, pointing out To the most important conditions of renting is foremost among which is the possession of a motorcycle driving license, the period of obtaining it must not be less than one year, in addition to the necessity of exceeding the age of the lessor twenty-one years.

Pointing to the role that the company will play in meeting the needs of visitors to Doha during the World Cup who are looking for Harley bikes for transportation, in light of the existence of a contract formula that allows leasing to non-citizens and residents, stressing the existence of a large market for Harley-Davidson in Qatar, given the large groups active in this field, and He called on bike enthusiasts to try out Harley-Davidos, especially since the company provides a delivery service, which allows them to pick up the bike anywhere in Qatar.

It is worth noting that the Speedster company will constitute a qualitative leap for the Harley-Davidson market in Qatar, especially since this type of bike is known for its high prices that may prevent some from obtaining it permanently, which the company will work to eliminate by providing this type of bike through the rental service, which allows all those wishing to experience the driving Harley-Davidson bikes to obtain that, at a special rental value, especially during the World Cup period when visitors to Doha will need to practice their hobby of driving this type of bike, which is what the company offers with high quality.

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