Events of Khareef Dhofar Kick Off With Kiddy Time

  • Publish date: Sunday، 16 July 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
Events of Khareef Dhofar Kick Off With Kiddy Time

The first events of the Khareef Dhofar season 2023 were launched on Saturday, July 15th.

The Dhofar Municipality organized the events, which began at Salalah's Awqad Public Park and other sites to provide locals, tourists, and other participants the chance to fully feel the thrill and suspense up until August 31st.

Salalah Park, Awqad, and Al Saada Parks, as well as the Return of the Past in the Al Hafah neighbourhood and Attin Square on the Attin Plain, are among the venues where this year's events are taking place.

The "Kiddy Time" activities, which were launched on Saturday in Awqad Park, include an entertainment city for kids that includes several towns for entertainment as well as places for games and restaurants, according to Director of the Events and Awareness Department at Dhofar Municipality Ammar bin Obed Ghawas.

Children's City in Kiddy Time also features the Smurfs Village, Masha and the Bear Village, Panda Village, Alice in Wonderland Carnival, sweets museum, interactive games and ice skating rink, along with numerous international events.

He indicated that the activities of the 'Return of the Past' site in Hafah region will be launched on July 25th.

The Attin Square, which will open on July 20th, will have a variety of different restaurants and cafes in addition to a retail area, an arena for electric games, lighting and laser displays in the Arc Theatre, drone shows, and the Teslenco family circus.

He noted that in addition to hosting the Salalah Chef cooking competition, Salalah Eight - People's Kitchen will also feature a number of foreign restaurants and cafés and a group of international chefs as participants.

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