Oman to Witness Geminids Meteor Shower on This Date

  • Publish date: Monday، 11 December 2023
Oman to Witness Geminids Meteor Shower on This Date

Oman's skies will witness the Geminids meteor shower from Wednesday night on Dec. 13 till the dawn of Dec. 14 on Thursday.

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oman Astronomical Society Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Mahrouqi shared that the meteor's fall rate is expected to be 120 meteors per hour.

Background of the Geminids Meteor Shower

The Geminids meteor shower is named after the constellation of Gemini.

The meteor shower results from the debris of the asteroid 'Phaethon', discovered in 1982.

In addition to the Geminids Meteor Shower, the following stars will also be visible during the night:

  • Leo 
  • Sirius 
  • Aldebaran 
  • Algiers 
  • The stars of Gemini
  •  The stars of Taurus 
  • The Pleiades cluster

Where Can You Watch the Geminids Meteor Shower?

The Astronomical Society has explained that the meteor shower can be best watched from a dark location, which is distant from all sources of light pollution.

Viewers must look towards the eastern horizon of the sky's dome on Wednesday after midnight to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower.

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