An Expedition of a Lifetime- Trekking through the Largest

Sand Desert on Earth

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 20 February 2024
An Expedition of a Lifetime- Trekking through the Largest

Alila Hinu Bay partners with Oman Expedition for one of the world’s most exclusive tours


Muscat, Oman: Leading boutique resort, Alila Hinu Bay, announces its participation in an ultra-luxury desert expedition set to depart Spring 2024, hosted by Oman Expedition. The exclusive 10-day tour invites thrill-seeking travelers on a bespoke journey across and amidst Oman’s magnificent wonders.

An Expedition of a Lifetime- Trekking through the Largest

Founded by The Canvas Club, a team of desert explorers, the extraordinary expedition invites guests on a heart-pounding 1,500-kilometer journey across mountains, sand dunes and desert known as the ‘Empty Quarter’, which lies between Oman and the border of Saudi Arabia.

An Expedition of a Lifetime- Trekking through the Largest

Thrill-seekers will trek through the desert for days, surrounded by several meters of sand dunes far and wide, unraveling a unique perspective on travel and exploration, with the destination, Alila Hinu Bay. The once in a lifetime experience, tailored to the lunar calendar, will uncover the Earth’s ‘unfamiliar’.

Day 1

Upon arriving in Oman’s capital city, guests will be encouraged to mentally prepare for the upcoming days and meet The Canvas Club team.

Day 2-4

The tour will begin with a drive to the Jabal Akhdar Mountains, that peaks up to 3,000 meters above sea level via the Via Ferrata, a breathtaking high-altitude climbing route

Day 4

From the mountains, to the Sharqiyah Desert, an intermediate of the Rub al Khail, the largest sand desert that travelers will be crossing in the days to come. Later, a short detour to Wadi Hawer Oasis, with a spectacular trek over several natural water pools and waterfalls with deep mysterious canyons. Driving to the Canvas Club Camp over the dunes, there will be training for driving on sand and dune bashing.

Day 5-8

Guests will embark on a longer journey to Fahud, before a traverse in the desert begins. Lasting four days, the crossing will comprise of perplex dune landscapes of the North and South sections of the ‘Empty Quarter,’ the Rub al Khali, the largest sand desert on Earth.

The sand dunes reveal their various shades, from a golden glow at sunrise and sunset to a deeper, reddish hue in the afternoon. The gentle arches and sharp crests of the dunes are shaped into a surreal and seemingly endless backdrop solely by the winds.

Guests will set up camp in the hollow desert, between an entirely undecided part of the world, without mobile coverage and far from any civilization. Without light pollution, the night sky will be tremendously flawless, with a blanket of gleaming stars- campers will witness unparalleled beauty that may not be experienced a second time.

Day 8

Reaching the Canvas Club South Camp by evening, situated directly at one of the highest dunes in the region, the last night will be a reflection of experiences over the past few days.

Day 9-10

Arriving at the destination of the expedition, the green south of Salalah, located on the azure blue shores of Oman's southwest coast, Alila Hinu Bay serves as a serene retreat to unwind and relive the awe-inspiring moments of the desert odyssey. Tucked away on the secluded beaches of Salalah in southern Oman, boasting pristine private beach and a water world of activities such as whale and dolphin watching or diving.

For more information on Oman Expedition (11,700 OMR per couple) visit https://alilahinubayjourney.com/expedition/,for more information.

For reservations, visit alilahinubay.com or call +968 23373350

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